About My Practice

I am a licensed psychologist in private practice in Berkeley and San Rafael. I have successfully helped my psychotherapy clients lead happier, more satisfying and productive lives since 1993.

In individual or couples therapy, we can focus on your immediate goals in a brief format. We can also work toward creating a turning point in your life, where deep, long-lasting changes gradually unfold in a therapy of greater duration. I use Cognitive Behavioral and Integrative approaches, informed by Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy and Positive Psychology.

In engaged and compassionate therapy, you will have a safe place in which to explore. Greater awareness, understanding and readiness for action are fostered, and health and healing are supported. With your active commitment to the process, I will help you tune into and understand your inner experiences and interactions with others, and the role your thoughts, feelings and perceptions play. Clients gain a greater sense of empowerment and wellbeing.

Areas of focus include:

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

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I am a member of the California and Marin County Psychological Associations. I received my doctorate in psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP).

Licensed Clinical Psychlogist PSY 18741

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